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Free Mom & Dad SVG Layered Files

So, the world has gone mad. I mean, doesn’t it feel almost surreal?

A world wide pandemic is something I thought I would only see in movies and board games. It really never occurred to me that it would actually be something to touch and even deeply affect my day to day life.

First, Here is to hoping that this finds you and yours safe and well supplied for all your needs. Our family is stocked for a couple weeks and ready to hunker down. My girls and I are not especially vulnerable to the virus, thankfully, but my husband does not have a strong immune system.

All anyone can do is be prepared and pray!

So, how are things in your neck of the woods? Lots of hand-washing here and we have enough toilet paper and soap too! 😉

Hopefully, these couple SVG files will be a welcome diversion for you.

Layered Bee File Posted on Etsy

If you happened to catch my last post, you saw that I created an adorable layered bumble bee file. I used it as a baby shower gift, but I have had at least two people purchase it for a beekeeper they know.

Anyhow, I did polish up the file and get it posted on Etsy. You have to add your own text, but the rest is ready to cut!

Mom and Dad Layered Paper Art

Since we all have our family and their well-being on our minds, I thought a quick couple files for Mom and Dad would be perfect. Mother’s Day and Father’s day aren’t too far away. Get your cards done early.

While I envision these as layered card fronts, but you could definitely do more with them.

Here are some of my past posts on Father’s Day Cards and Files.

And some on Mother’s Day Cards and Files!

Click below to download the zip file. Happy quarantine crafting!

7 thoughts on “Free Mom & Dad SVG Layered Files

  1. It says flie type not supported… what am I doing wrong? I extracted files…. and then they have a little internet explorer icon for each file… but under properties it does say it a .svg Any ideas?? TIA!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      What program are you trying to use? By default, Windows opens SVG files in IE or your preferred browser. If you are using the basic edition of Silhouette studio, you don’t have the ability to open SVG files. See my article here:

  2. Thank you and stay safe!!

  3. Wrong file

    1. Thank you. Updating now.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful Mom and Dad images. But when you click the button, it gives you the bee files.

    1. Thanks! Updating now.

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